Musician Bio


Being a full-time musician, Jocelyn performs regularly to audiences in various capabilities – as a vocalist, a keyboardist, a guitarist or even a bassist. She enjoys the challenge of versatility; learning tunes ranging from jazz to oldies to the contemporary top 40s to Chinese pop and many others.

Her gig repertoire includes venues such as St. James Power Station, Bar None, Temasek Club, Timbre, The Esplanade Concert Hall, the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and many other local and international venues. She was a session vocalist at the National Day Parade ’06, and also had the privilege to perform her original compositions at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre in Jan ‘10.


Lead Vocal, Fadly is a popular singer in the local music scene. His many years of performing experiences can be tracked back from the mid 90s when he was actively involved in local band gigs with various groups.

Beside the lead role vocalist for Three Sessions Band whom voice has set many on the dance floor, he also holds the concurrent band lead in Rock Group, X-Tech. X-Tech has won numerous awards in reputable band competitions.

In 2006, X-Tech also came in Top position in Yamaha Asian Beat and represented Singapore to against other Asia Bands. One of the highlights in his musical route to date was crowning the Best Vocal Award in 2004, from the Battle of the Band Competition, Singapore.


Si Ling loves singing since young, this natural talent sings through her soul. She is an aspiring singer with an insatiable love for music.With a soothing and captivating voice, she started performing at The Ark Café at a tender age of 17, one of the youngest to have ever accepted into the café. This ignited a further desire in performing, singing and entertainment. She fronted her own Chinese pop-rock band; RazzlePlay. She has performed at various gigs as member of the band and has recorded 2 albums of which one of the songs was listed top 10 most voted songs on FM 100.3.

Behind the scenes, Si Ling had also performed as a backup vocalist for our very own Kit Chan in “The Music Room Concert 2011”and recorded backup vocals for various artists including 2012 National Day theme song “Love at first light” by Olivia Ong and Chingay 2013 theme song “火雪中”.

Si Ling proves her ability to move among the styles with ease, while maintaining her tasteful vocal style that glides through the songs and capturing the soul of the audience. In her subtle way, Si Ling is a classy singer whose interpretations of songs lend themselves to more intimate settings; She later branched out of Mandarin, English and Cantonese pop music and pursued her interest in soft rock, pop jazz and bossa nova.


Guitarist, Ervin Chong is a seasoned guitarist in the local music scene. He started performing in local pubs, clubs and hotel lobby in the early 90s. A jazz / blues influenced player and has set up and played with numerous groups. He was an ex-student of local veteran, Spencer Goh. 

With over 18 years of performance experience, he has involved in many diverse types of groups and ensembles, some of which include a Jazz instrumental trio, a Top 40s cum Rock n Roll band and a singer/guitarist duo. In order to become an outstanding guitarist, he strongly believes that one has to play with different musicians and perform regularly. His experience and passion make him the player he is now.


Saxophonist, Elson Goh began playing the saxophone as a secondary instrument during the early days in secondary school whilst a formally trained percussionist. He is highly influenced by American Jazz music and therefore accentuate his passion in creating melodies. 

Elson has frequently been performing on weddings, company functions, and private parties.His dedication to his learning these years sees his potential to becoming a popular player.


Jefferson, a familiar name in the music scene and has charmed many people from all walks of life with his saxophone. With his talent, Jefferson has obtained LTCL Recital Disct at a young age of 20 years old. Being an artiste under various entertainment companies, he also has the opportunity to work with the best in the industry in recording works and performances. With his extensive portfolio and experience, he too, never fails to give back to younger generations by his recital performances and teaching workshops.

Individual backing musicians, specially chosen by Jefferson himself, has vast experiences ranging from major music festivals like Asean Jazz Festival 08, Mosaic International Jazz Festival 07, South East Jazz Festival 06 and many more.


Bassist, Halim Slamat is a familiar figure in the local music scene and a popular sessionist with many groups. He has performed in local pubs, clubs and hotel lobby. A rock influenced bass player, he was one of the lead man with the Brown Sugar Band that set their stage at Wala Wala pubs for almost two years. Besides, he has been performing in local pubs, clubs and lobbies. 

Halim was also crowned Best Bass Guitar Player in the Yamaha Asian Beat competition 2006.


Bassist, Nelson, or more affectionately known as 'Bird', is no stranger to the music scene. Despite being multi-talented and able to play a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, harmonica and drums, the singer-songwriter takes on the unsung role of playing the bass guitar, his first love. He possesses a Grade 8 with Distinction in Bass from Trinity Guildhall Rockschool and Grade 5 music theory from ABRSM. 

Apart from playing a variety of instruments at mandopop/cantopop clubs such as Dragonfly and other outlets such as Beer Market, Hood and Acid Bar, Nelson was also a semi-finalist in the first season of Singapore Idol along the likes of Sylvester Sim, Nat Ho etc.


Double Bassist, Amir Syahir started his musical influence at young age of 6 when he learnt to play the piano. At his early teen hood of 13, he received his piano Grade 5 from Trinity College of Music. 

He started listening to Jazz during his secondary school days & that influence his interest in the Double Bass. 
He often performed with Thomson Jazz Band as a double bass player and his remarkable playing also gained him the Band Master of Singapore Polytechnic jazz Band. 

He has performed in various events: Wedding functions, corporate events and notably the Superstars, a pop musical for the President Charity Show.


Drummer, Ajud is no stranger to the music scene and has been playing drums since 1994. He started off playing gigs @ the old substation, youth park and several pubs alongside with local bands such as Force Vomit, Stompin' Ground and more a few years back with the now defunct Electrico. Though he loves playing metal music, he also put in efforts to learn other genre of music such as Jazz, Reggae, Latin and Pop music. All these years of learning and playing make him the player he is now. 

Ajud gained a lot of exposure and experiences by performing live in Suria and Channel U, playing with bands such as Kaleidoscopicuriousity and Qinobè. He had joined plenty of band competitions namely Battle of the Bands and Yamaha Asian Beat and had won the Grand Prize in one of the competition in which the band he joined represented Singapore against other bands in Yokohama, Japan.